Friday, February 11, 2011


A Microprocessor in a Motherboard
Dear Readers, welcome to my Microcontroller blog. I am a student of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at BUET. My intention here is to provide the basic concepts of Microcontrollers and a Beginners tutorial on how to program and use it. I am not a pro on this but I will try to help you out on the first steps. Only a few blogs or a few tutorials can’t teach you everything because
there is a lot to explore about it. This is my first approach in writing about microcontrollers. Any constructive comments, advice and even criticism will help me to build on it.

For now my prime focus will be on Atmel's AVR Microcontrollers. It is very commonly used in our country. There are many other brands too available in our country such as PICs. It is not like that one brand is better than the other. It completely depends on the choice and requirement of the user. Both the Atmel AVRs and Microchip PICs have many varieties of models which are made for different levels of computing requirements. For our general purpose uses and for the learning purpose, AVRs are sufficient and their interfacing is quite easy. The availability of good 3rd party software has made it easier.

I have intended this tutorial for the Hobbyists, Students of engineering and Embedded System Enthusiasts. Most of the students of Engineering require a knowledge on Programmable Devices. I believe this will help them in there learning curve. But, there are some prerequisites. I would advise the readers to have the basic knowledge in the following areas,

1. DC circuit analysis.
2. Electronic Devices.
3. Digital Logic Design.
4. Binary, Hexadecimal number system.
5. Programming in C.

As I am a learner too, I may commit some mistakes. I would appreciate your help and advice to correct them. I believe this is the greatest part of learning something.

With Regards,

Tanvir Ferdousi

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